Made with Love

Over summer, after praying and seeking God for my next move, I knew in my heart he wanted me to be an entrepreneur. But I needed to know what specifically he wanted me to do? I worked as a certified biller and coder and thought maybe I could start a transcribing or billing and coding company, but I just couldn’t see myself vested in that business model since its not my really passion.⠀

"But what, Lord,whats my business plan?"⠀⠀
Then the answer came in the form of a question, he said, “What do you have in your hand"- (Exodus 4:2) "Huh?" I asked for clarity. He continued, "I gave you the ability to make beautiful things with the least possible resources. Look at your children, you struggled but made it look easy and raised them up as if you had a village, so use what I gave you." ⠀

From that encounter, I began to research and create my Angelic Essence Hair and Skin care line. Its got a few quirks and a few little kinks to sort out,⠀
but just like my life, I trust him to help me straighten them out. The point is, I used my experience to create something beautiful full of quality and integrity with the ability to grow and change for the better just like my kids. ⠀

I said this to say, be encouraged! You are beautiful child of God, he knows your name. We were all created to solve a problem. If God leads you to it, he'll definitely bring you through. ⠀
Hold on, no matter what, hold on! ⠀

Your gift will make room for you, make room for Him.
The problem is a lot of times we miss it because we give the devil more room in our lives than God. Step into your season, it all starts with Him 🙏🏽